Neue Kurse im Tanzstudio Dancing Soul
Ab Februar 2017 starten Neue Kurse - vielseitige interessante Themen in verschiedenen Tanzstilen.

Das Tanzstudio in Hallstadt musste wegen Problemen mit den Nachbarn aufgegeben werden. Intessar führt ihren Unterricht ab dem 14. April 2016 in Zapfendorf/OT Lauf, Untere Str. 3 in ihrer neu eingerichteten "Tanzscheune" durch.

About Intessar

Intessar was born as daughter to German parents in Kazakhstan and grew up, among other places, in Siberia and near the polar circle. Due to a lot of moving within the Soviet Union she experienced contact with many different people, cultures and languages. All this helped her to be open, tolerant and interested in the diversity of the world.

When she was 15 she moved to Hannover, Germany, finished her education and gained her Law degree. After several years of working in Ludwigsburg she moved, due to the work of her husband, to Budweis in the Czech republic. In Budweis she opened a School for Oriental dance which soon developed very successfully.

In Budweis she performed numerous shows with internationally known dancers like: Sharazad from cologne, Germany, Magdy El-Leisy from Egypt, Ibrahim Abou Hassan from Jordan, Sahareh from Günzburg, Germany, etc. When, after 7 years in the Czech Republic, Intessar returned to Germany, she left a big school with over 300 students. She still runs the school as an Art Director.

At the same time she started a new school and teaches in the VHS Bamberg and in the dancing studio "Body and Soul" in Bamberg, Germany. Intessar can not imagine a life without dance, for which she has developed a great passion. Her newly opened Studio is called "Dancing Soul" this name is, for her, the perfect expression of her Philosophy about dancing - to view dancing as an expression of our soul. Only when the soul starts dancing, the dancer is in unison with himself and the universe.

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